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The sign industry is truly a custom industry. Every project is unique unto itself, we pride ourselves on having the knowledge, resources and experience to meet the needs of any client, no matter how simple or complex their project may be. To get a better idea of what you need, ask yourself the following questions:

- Who needs to see my sign?

- How far does it need to be seen from?

- What message do I want to deliver?

- How long does my sign need to last?

- Is my sign in direct sunlight? What affect will wind, rain, snow, weather have on my sign?

- Is my sign visible to traffic, pedestrians?

- What is my budget?

All these factors and dozens more, will influence the type of material used for the substrate, the vinyl, the lettering, the lighting and the installation.

At Essential Sign we will help you navigate all this to ensure your sign stands out and truly achieves the results your looking for.